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The Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai medium tank is a combination of the Type 3 Chi-Nu suspension and turret and the Type 4 Chi-To gun. Only one. posted in General Discussion: Is the tank not just a Chi-Nu with a smaller so preferential MM gives the Chi-Nu-Kai a reason to be purchased.


World of Tanks · World of Warplanes · World of Warships · WoT Blitz · WoT Japanese Tank was introduced in World of Tanks update version At tier V , the medium and light tanks lines reunite, and the Japanese tank. Tanks designed and produced by Imperial Japan and the Japanese Self- Defense Forces. Japan. Light Tanks. I Renault Otsu. II Type 95 Ha-Go. II Ashigaru Te-.


Type 4 Chi-To medium tank was the first Japanese tank. to be developed with an Modules / Available Equipment and Consumables. Just bought the Chi - To and would like the input of anyone that's played/is playing it as to what equipments would benefit it most, and also is this a tank worth keeping for fun and/or credits? Vents IMHO doesnt contribute that much of aimtime after turret rotation.


Chi-To - posted in Medium Tanks: Please share any info regarding this tier6 tanks you can get, ful up of course with all 3 slots equipment. Type 4 Chi-ToTier VI Japanese Medium Tank. Stats · 3D Model · Compare · Modules · Options. VI. V cm Tank Gun Type 5. AP d / pAP d / p HE.


At a glance, the Type 5 Chi-Ri is not much of an upgrade from the Type 4 Chi-To. It is an even larger target, has more or less the same armor. So I'm about to unlock the Chi-Ri, but I'm not looking forward to it. The mobility, size, armor and penetration of the Chi-To are allready less than.


Senshi STA VIIIturret. STA turret armor. 70/60/35mm. traverse speed. 44deg/ sec. view range. m. VIIIgun. 90 mm Rifled Gun. rate of fire. rounds/min. Since the STA-2 is kinda' my fav tank, do we know anything about this Senshi STA-2? I'm expecting it to be the same tank with the usual hero treatment. It'll just be an STA-2 with a unique perma camo.

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