Weather Working Day

Weather working day (WWD). This is defined in the Charterparty Laytime Definitions as: “ a working day or part of a working day during which it is . "WEATHER WORKING DAY" (WWD) or "WEATHER WORKING DAY OF 24 HOURS" or "WEATHER. WORKING DAY OF 24 CONSECUTIVE HOURS".

NOTICE OF READINESS PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Mar 17, charterparty) and gave a notice of readiness so that, other matters being waiting to be inspected, after having tendered a notice of readiness.


Sundays and Holidays included (SHINC). This expression is the reverse of the above one in its effect on laytime. While SHEX is in the charterer's favour, SHINC . Fixed laytime may be expressed in one or other units of time, The tribunal held the clauses were separate and the SHINC term only. 2019. writing a website report