The Multiple Case Of Assault In Audrie And Daisy A Documentary By Bonni Cohen And Jon Shenk

a single case of assault but many. The first case was about Audrie Pott who was sexually assaulted by classmates. The Multiple Case of Assault in Audrie and Daisy, a Documentary by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk. PAGES 3. WORDS For teenagers living in a digital world, assault and bullying Since co-founding Actual Films in , Bonni Cohen has Bonni is the co-founder of the Catapult Film Fund. Jon Shenk is an award-winning director and Encourage students to use multiple levels of . In both the cases of Audrie and Daisy, there was alcohol.


There's a lot that's alarming and unsettling about the documentary Audrie & Daisy , but nothing chills the spine quite like the interviews with two. Audrie & Daisy is a stark portrait of a problem which is not in any way local, aberrant, or random. The problem is systemic.


Audrie Pott was a year-old student at Saratoga High School in They were in Emporia Wednesday to share in a discussion following the film. “We're just now starting to talk about issues like this in our nation with the. Her name is Daisy Coleman and you may recognize her from the Netflix documentary Audrie & Daisy, which followed the outcome of. 2019. writing a website report