Short Term European Paper

Access to yields on new issues of euro-denominated STEP securities, broken down by sector of the issuer. Home > Financial markets and interest rates > Short-term European Paper (STEP) The STEP statistics concern primary market volumes of, and yields on, short-term debt securities issued in the context of programmes that have received the STEP label from the STEP Market Committee.


33 Act), the commercial paper market was well-developed, but it was an anomaly in the world of corporate securities. Commercial paper was typically short-term. To tap into the international money markets, corporations may issue eurocommercial paper to raise capital. Like other commercial papers.


Money market statistical reporting. The overall money market statistical reporting (MMSR) dataset is based on transaction-by-transaction data from a sample of EU reporting agents covering the secured, unsecured, foreign exchange swap and euro overnight index swap money market. Key facts and figures about money market funds in the EU. 2019. writing a website report