Asian Tsunami 2004 Essay

On December 26, the world experienced the most devastating natural disaster to hit the Indian Ocean. It was classified as a tsunami, a tsunami holding immense power equivalent to the destruction of three nuclear bombs. Tsunami waves can become more than 30 feet high as they. Free Essay: The Cause and Effect of the Tsunami in Thailand in The tsunami in Thailand that occurred on December 26, , was by far the largest.


Here is some background information about the Indian Ocean tsunami. On December 26, , an earthquake with an estimated magnitude of struck the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. Material losses in the Indian Ocean region were $10 billion. The December 26, Indian Ocean. The scale of devastation in Haiti is far worse than in Asia after the tsunami, a study says, predicting last month's quake could be the most.


The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami occurred at UTC on 26 December, . However, in comparison to the Indian Ocean earthquake, the death toll from these earthquakes was significantly lower, primarily because of. The Boxing Day tsunami in is believed to be the deadliest tsunami in In Sri Lanka 35, people were killed, while 18, died in India and Sydney's drinking water supply under threat as mining takes toll on crucial.


A powerful undersea earthquake that struck off the coast of Sumatra island, Indonesia, set off the Indian Ocean tsunami, also known as the Christmas or Boxing Day tsunami, on Sunday morning, Dec. 26, Then, in succession, tsunami waves rolled over coastlines in Thailand. 11 Facts About the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Welcome to, a global movement of millions of young people making positive change, online.


The Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami occurred at UTC on 26 December, with an epicentre off the west coast of northern Sumatra. It was an. A tsunami or tidal wave is a series of waves in a water body caused by the displacement of a The Indian Ocean tsunami was among the deadliest natural disasters in human history, with at least , people killed or missing in


1Department of Emergency Medicine, St. John's Episcopal Hospital, Beach 19th Street, Far Rockaway, New York, NY , USA. Indonesia was the first country to be seriously affected by the earthquake and tsunami created by the Indian Ocean earthquake on 26 December 2019. writing a website report